Our Mission: Sharing Hope With All People

Welcome to Hope Lutheran Church!

Located at 820 Lilley Ave.

Phone: (614) 258-6634


Hope is a unique place of worship and ministry that is racially diverse and is diverse in many other ways. Hope is a community congregation that is securely planted in the Driving Park District on the Southeast side of Columbus, Ohio. We offer various ministries within the community especially through our partnership with community agencies that seek to help the neighborhoods within the Driving Park area. 

Our interests are not just local but also global.

Through the excellent leadership of Hope’s WELCA Board, we are involved in global missions through the sewing and assemblage of colorful quilts and school packets for people who have been displaced because of war or other natural disasters throughout the world. Our ministries are heartfelt and wide-spread.

We are an ethnically diverse, welcoming congregation, that accept all people with open arms.

While our worship is traditional, our music reflects the spirit of the congregation through gospel, jazz and blues and through our use of This Far by Faith - a Lutheran worship book that has been published to reflect the African-American tradition. We believe in education and offer Bible study from the youngest to the oldest member. We are a caring congregation who take care of our community and our congregation. Our mission statement reflects the true ministry of Hope: Anchored in God’s love, we are able with hope to invite, gather, teach, preach, heal and serve.

Come experience what Hope brings!

Yours in Christ,

 - Pastor Al Debelak